Volkspark Friedrichshain

As I described in my first 52 Rolls post of 2017, I plan to slow things down a little this year. After last year’s excesses, I hope that by leaving time between the taking of the picture and choosing what to show, I’ll not be tempted into posting the pictures that might have been difficult or exciting to make, but only those that deserve to make the cut on their merits and without that influence.

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Sunrise, Sunset. 2016 on Film

I’ll be writing up my 52 Rolls summary in the next week or so, but suffice to say that shooting so much film through 2016 has been a complete game-changer. When I read about the project (on Emulsive) in Poland the week before last New Year, I couldn’t have imagined that it would have become so all consuming, changing the way I take pictures completely, and costing me a small fortune in cameras, film and processing.

But more on that to follow…

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Markham Moor at Night

Markham Night (1 of 1)The magnificent Markham Moor filling station on the A1. Designed in 1960-61 by Sam Scorer and a German refugee engineer, Dr. Haynal-Kónyi, the hyperbolic paraboloid roof was originally a cover for the petrol pumps of the Lincolnshire Motor Co. Later, a Little Chef ‘restaurant’ was built under the roof.
The building has stood empty for many years before being recently refurbished and made available to let. Apparently, it is one of only two listed filling stations in the UK.
I’d live in it if I could. Better still, I’d live opposite so I could look at it for longer.Markham Night (3 of 3)Markham Night (1 of 3)