Travelogue Wrap-Up

This is a final post in the series documenting my travels in April. I hope that you’ve enjoyed them, or at least they’ve helped kill a little time before you can leave off work.

If you’ve been keeping up, you’ll have read that one week away became two quite different week long trips. The first with my family in Eastern Europe, and the second, a roadtrip-cum-pilgrimage with a mate to see a Scottish bridge.

The thing in common was that I recorded both trips using black and white film. Continue reading

Skeggy In Colo(U)r.

I live about as far away from the sea as is possible on our little island. Visiting the sea remains a very special event and once there, I am endlessly fascinated by the coastline and the sea itself. If I lived there, I’d never run out of things to photograph, whether it’s the wild coastline of the North-East or the holiday towns that are long past their pre-Ryanair heyday. Continue reading