Skeggy In Colo(U)r.

I live about as far away from the sea as is possible on our little island. Visiting the sea remains a very special event and once there, I am endlessly fascinated by the coastline and the sea itself. If I lived there, I’d never run out of things to photograph, whether it’s the wild coastline of the North-East or the holiday towns that are long past their pre-Ryanair heyday. Continue reading

Faircharm Hobby Mash

During week 36 of my 52 rolls project, I was directed to this article (sorry to lead you to the awful Leicester Mercury website) that tells of plans to ‘develop’ Leicester’s Faircharm trading estate, home to several creative spaces and small businesses. It’s not a part of the city that I’m particularly familiar with, but a little time spent on GoogleEarth showed me that the area is in fact a group of large, red-brick Victorian factory buildings. Continue reading

Leicester’s Festival Weekend

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Recently, Leicester (Les-tah) has become known for its overachieving football team. At odds of several thousand to one, the club won the English Premier League last season, causing consternation across the footballing world. It’s also led to the city becoming known to many people who had never heard of it previously, despite being the 10th largest in Britain. For the next few months or so, telling people outside of the UK that you come from Leicester won’t be met with the blank expression that it usually is. Continue reading