Loop Head Ride…

…or, Adventures of the Day-Glo Pannier.

The last Bank Holiday weekend of the summer had conspired against me and I was facing the prospect of returning to w*rk without having made the most of the three days off.

As we ate our Sunday dinner, I decided that as it was still light until about 9:30, I could jump in the car, head over to the coast and have a mini-tour of Loop Head in West Clare. Since our arrival in Ireland on April, I’d travelled the whole length of the Clare coast with the exception of Loop Head. Continue reading

Beers and Cameras, Birmingham

Back at the end of March, I took a train ride to Birmingham to join Martin Smith (Mr. Photowalk.Me), Hamish Gill (35mmc) and twenty or so other photographers for a walk, a chat and to take some pictures in Britain’s second city.
It’s taken me months to finally get around to gathering together a few pictures of the day (I’ve had a decent excuse) and while putting together this post, decided to get in touch with my fellow photowalkers to produce a zine of the work produced that day – more of that to come… Continue reading

Fabryka, a Photozine.

Back in December, I put together a zine of the work Wojtek, Pavel and I created for our No Constructive Conclusions exhibition and followed that with Nighttime Adventures in Neopan – a collection of nighttime, TLR shots by Dan Smith and I.

As it was January, a time of resolutions and unlikely ambitions, I got carried away and decided that, as I was already 2/12ths in, I’d have a go at creating a ‘publication’ each month for twelve months. I have a few ideas for projects shot in a day and event based publications, but I’m hoping that several can be collaborations (give me a shout if you fancy it). Like the Neopan work with Dan, our pictures were shot on the same film, using similar technology (or lack of it) and all at night, and so it worked as a set. Continue reading