2017, Roll 68: New Lens Time

The 52 Rolls Project website disappeared a few years ago, but today, I stumbled back across it and it seems to be good as new.
I posted a lot on the site, completing the project (shooting a roll a week all year) a couple of times. So I might reblog a few of those old posts here before they disappear again…

52 rolls

HipstamaticPhoto-527705605.120449Originally written for the 35mmc website.

At some point last week, I saw Hamish’s tantalising pictures on social media of ten boxes containing the new 7Artisans, 50mm lenses that he had for sale. It’s a lens that’s been causing quite a stir since its launch, due to the winning formula of being an M-mount 50mm, superfast and a divorce cheaper than buying the Leica equivalent.

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