I’m an Englishman living in Ireland, spending most of my holidays in Poland. I have a terrible memory and so this blog is mostly to help me remember stuff, but if you find enjoyment in it, then I’m very pleased.

I shoot both film and digital cameras and you’ll see posts here about both. Since arriving in Ireland, I’m still struggling a little to find my photographic mojo but am branching out into more areas of photography that might lead to finding a way forward.

I publish the odd photobook and zine, and if you’d like a print of anything you see here, I can offer sizes upto A3+ for sensible prices.

Rather than writing another bio, please head over to the Emulsive website and read my interview. It’s pretty autobiographical and tells you all you need to know about why I take pictures.

You can also hear my guest appearances on these podcasts:
Negative Positives Film Photography Podcast, #245
Sunny16 Podcast #185
The Ultra-Low ISO Club podcast #5
The Viewfinder Vikings Podcast #13

And you can hear me most as a co-host on the Viewfinder Vikings podcast as often as we get around to releasing an episode.

Thanks for looking (and listening).

You can also find me on: InstagramFlickr, Twitter or Facebook


  1. I follow you on Flickr. I like your approach to photography. The Emulsive interview was good. The book review was lovely and made me want to get a copy for myself. Best of luck in Ireland. Keep up the good work.

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