Travelogue 9 – Home

The final part of my diary/travelogue/waytorememberitinyearstocome, recording a couple of weeks spent travelling around Europe, shooting mostly black and white film.

Previous instalments are here:
Part 1 – Cossington, UK – Wioska, PL – Bratislava, SK
Part 2 – Bratislava, SK – Orosháza, HU – Szeged, HU – Cossington, UK
Part 3 – Cossington – Newcastle
Part 4 – Newcastle to Perth
Part 5 – Perth to Dundee
Part 6 – Unprecedented Concrete
Part 7 – Ullapool to Ullapool
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More Polish Walls

warszawa-murals-12My last post explained how I occasionally get to know cities by finding murals and streetart. On my trip to Poland last month I visited Warsaw again and so a couple of days before I went, spent a bit of time researching and adding pins to a Google map. I found plenty of information to help – murals really are big (in more ways than one) in Poland with cities giving approval for some of the work.

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Markham Moor at Night

Markham Night (1 of 1)The magnificent Markham Moor filling station on the A1. Designed in 1960-61 by Sam Scorer and a German refugee engineer, Dr. Haynal-Kónyi, the hyperbolic paraboloid roof was originally a cover for the petrol pumps of the Lincolnshire Motor Co. Later, a Little Chef ‘restaurant’ was built under the roof.
The building has stood empty for many years before being recently refurbished and made available to let. Apparently, it is one of only two listed filling stations in the UK.
I’d live in it if I could. Better still, I’d live opposite so I could look at it for longer.Markham Night (3 of 3)Markham Night (1 of 3)

Better news!

Sorry to post these pictures again, but you seem like a friendly bunch…

You might remember my Good News, Bad News post from earlier in the week, when I mistakenly ended up getting a roll of Fuji Velvia (E-6 slide film) cross-processed in C41 chemicals. Well, today the negatives arrived back from the lab (I used the scans they’d emailed previously) and so I thought I’d have a go at scanning them myself and making some correction to get rid of the worst of the cross-processing effects, as I’m not a big fan. Continue reading