Better news!

Sorry to post these pictures again, but you seem like a friendly bunch…

You might remember my Good News, Bad News post from earlier in the week, when I mistakenly ended up getting a roll of Fuji Velvia (E-6 slide film) cross-processed in C41 chemicals. Well, today the negatives arrived back from the lab (I used the scans they’d emailed previously) and so I thought I’d have a go at scanning them myself and making some correction to get rid of the worst of the cross-processing effects, as I’m not a big fan.

I read somewhere that if you tell the (Epson) scanning software that a film is black and white negative, but set the output to 24-bit colour, it would help – I have no idea why. Anyway, I did this with the first two shots on the roll, taken into a setting sun on Newcastle’s Swing Bridge and it worked. The colours were much more accurate, with none of the previous excesses:

Recovered (1 of 6)Recovered (3 of 6)

Compare these to the previous, lab-scanned versions:

Yashica CP Velvia (6 of 6)

The colours are still a little wonky, but I prefer them…

Recovered (5 of 6)Recovered (4 of 6)Recovered (6 of 6)

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