Something New?

Last weekend, I was in my usual Sunday night funk, fed-up that I’d not taken advantage of the weekend and a bit of daylight to get out and take some pictures.
It was about 9pm before I decided to get off my arse and have a wander around the village with a Holga, a cheapo flashgun and a roll of Kodak Tri-X. Continue reading

Million Dollar Bills

Before we start, I thought you might be interested in this. It’s a piece on why the results that we enjoy from film are not the same as shooting digital and then adding effects. It’s one of the best explanations of a subject that I’ve always found difficult to pin down. See what you think:

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D’You Hear That?

On Friday night I went along to the opening of the Inside the Outside group’s exhibition at the Photo Parlour in Nottingham. One of their founder members is Al Brydon, a photographer that I’d met a few years ago, who produces tremendous landscape work from the Peak District.

As part of the ITO exhibition, he was showing the results of a really fascinating project. A while back, he discovered a drawer full of films that he’d shot around 10-15 years ago and rather than processing them, he chose to expose (most of) them again. This ‘collaboration with [his] former self’ became his ‘Based on a False Story‘ collection. Continue reading

More Polish Walls

warszawa-murals-12My last post explained how I occasionally get to know cities by finding murals and streetart. On my trip to Poland last month I visited Warsaw again and so a couple of days before I went, spent a bit of time researching and adding pins to a Google map. I found plenty of information to help – murals really are big (in more ways than one) in Poland with cities giving approval for some of the work.

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[Nice Dream]

On Sunday, I nipped along to the Leicester Lo-Fi salt printing workshop and snapped a few pictures of the process.

Salt Print-7Leicester Lo-Fi are a group who celebrate and practice traditional forms of photography such as cyanotypes, solargrams, pinholes, traditional darkroom printing (and salt printing). They have a community darkroom and run workshops and courses to spread the Lo-Fi word. Continue reading