Night Time Ektar

Last month, I met up with the good people of Leicester Lo-Fi Photography to celebrate the birthdays of the group and one of their main protagonists. Leicester Lo-Fi was two years old. Steve was… older.

After some quality time in Leicester’s best real ale pub (according to CamRA), we hit the streets with tripods, wire wool, whisks and a sense of adventure.

I took a while to get started, but once into the swing of things, burnt through a roll of Ektar in no time, before leaving the others to it and retiring to another excellent pub (that I found out today has closed down).

The Ektar has given some weird colour shifts, but I like them…pam-30-2-of-4





I’d shot the first frame a couple of days earlier, and it features my favourite model. I usually consider Ektar to need bright sunshine to look its best, like that found in Kodak’s headquarters in California. But the colours here, on an overcast, autumnal day in England is an argument to the contrary…r2-03688-0011


YASHICA 124g, Kodak Ektar 100, guessed exposures but mostly between 30 and 60 seconds. Processed and scanned by FilmDev.


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