Up The Town

Since we arrived in Ireland earlier in the year, I’ve been interested in the Gaelic Athletic Association’s role in the Irish community. While I was aware of the games before we came, I didn’t realise quite how important they are to everyone here, and that the GAA is about more than just sport, as it celebrates and protects Irish culture. Continue reading

Portugal with a TLR (part one).

As you’ll no doubt have read in my previous couple of posts (Our Man In Portugal and What’s In My Bag – Portugal Edition), we were lucky enough to get a few days away in Albufeira during October.
I took along my Yashica-Mat 124G and shot eight rolls of Kodak Ektar with some results that I’m pretty pleased with. At the risk of overdoing things, I’ve broken up some of my favourites into a couple of blog posts… Continue reading

Summer Tri-X

This roll has been hanging around in the camera for a couple of months. It was summer and so black and white wasn’t getting much of a look in and I used other cameras instead.
But looking back on the pictures, there’s some cool memories of our first summer in Ireland… Continue reading

Spanish Point

EOS5 TMax031

Once every couple of months, I throw a film into my old Canon EOS5 (the Plastic Fantastic) and follow my daughter around for the day, shooting the stuff she gets up to. I’ll then print out the best frames of the roll and add them to a shoe box that contains pictures telling the story of her life so far. One day, when she’s old enough to be embarrassed by it, I’ll give her the box. Continue reading