Something New?

Last weekend, I was in my usual Sunday night funk, fed-up that I’d not taken advantage of the weekend and a bit of daylight to get out and take some pictures.
It was about 9pm before I decided to get off my arse and have a wander around the village with a Holga, a cheapo flashgun and a roll of Kodak Tri-X.Holga Trix377-2-305

Holga Trix370-2-298I may have been reading Kevin Lear’s ‘A Glass Darkly’ too often but I like the bleary, tunnel-vision that the Holga/flash combination gives and it fits with my mood on the walk. I like the looks of a couple of these and it may well become a new collection…


Holga 120N, Praktica flash, Kodak T-Max 400 processed in Ilford IlfotecHC and scanned at home.

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