Volkspark Friedrichshain

As I described in my first 52 Rolls post of 2017, I plan to slow things down a little this year. After last year’s excesses, I hope that by leaving time between the taking of the picture and choosing what to show, I’ll not be tempted into posting the pictures that might have been difficult or exciting to make, but only those that deserve to make the cut on their merits and without that influence.

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After The Gold Rush

I had an hour spare this afternoon and so decided to spend it trying to tame the runaway garden. I unlocked the shed to get the mower out and was struck by the beautiful light hitting the decades of cobwebs and accumulated junk.

An hour later, I still hadn’t got the mower out, but I did get these photographs… Continue reading

Leicester Forest Road Race

Snaps from today’s Leicester Forest Cycling Club road race. The racing pictures are not my usual thing, and for me at least, less interesting than the shots taken before and after the race, of the riders preparing and recovering.

It was fun to use a digital camera again after mainly shooting film this year, and I got to waste frames that wouldn’t have been taken on film. That said, I wish I could see these on some lovely Neopan, shot through Summicron glass… Continue reading