Ireland: Looking for Shapes in the 12 O’Clock Hills

Another lockdown walk (within 5km of home), and again I chose to continue my camera detox and carry only my new Ricoh GRiii. The simplification is not only the camera itself – a fixed lens (28mm equivalent) point and shoot that fits in a pocket – but also the process. I’ve set up a couple of user profiles including this one based on the ‘Hard BW’, that output JPEG files that are ready to go.

The camera has a wi-fi connection, and so I can sync the pictures to my phone on the way home and ‘publish’ them as soon as I like, with zero time at the computer. It’s a refreshing change from carting around either a TLR and a bag of film, or a rangefinder and a bunch of lenses. Or more often than not, both!

This is a camera that’s known as a street shooter’s tool. It looks like it’ll be a while before I’m shooting anything like that again, so for now I’ll just take it with me wherever I go, and get to know it a little better.

Today, I was looking for shapes picked out by the ice as I walked in the 12 O’Clock Hills.


  1. Great stuff! A pocketable camera is one of killer factors for me. Everything has changed when I ditched my bulky Canon to a little Fuji. Never tried the Ricoh which is even smaller! Maybe this year… 🙂

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