Summer Tri-X

This roll has been hanging around in the camera for a couple of months. It was summer and so black and white wasn’t getting much of a look in and I used other cameras instead.
But looking back on the pictures, there’s some cool memories of our first summer in Ireland…

We had trips to the beach…

M6 TriX 059

M6 TriX 056

M6 TriX 038

…trips to the Clare Glens…

M6 TriX 077

M6 TriX 079

M6 TriX 080

…trips to Galway…

M6 TriX 106

M6 TriX 098

M6 TriX 087

M6 TriX 047

M6 TriX 044

…trips to the Fleadh in Ennis…

M6 TriX 071

M6 TriX 073

M6 TriX 075

…and a walk along the Kilkee cliffs…

M6 TriX 064

M6 TriX 063

M6 TriX 061

Kodak Tri-X and a Leica are the classic combo apparently. These are bit grainy, but that’s probably more to do with my cheapskate use of only Ilford Ilfotec HC (because it’s cheap and lasts forever). I’ll take them though…


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