The Holkham Holga

Last month, I spent a day on Holkham Beach and took a stroll to Wells-Next-The-Sea. I burnt through a few rolls of film and posted the FP4+ results and the various colour shots in previous blog posts.

The last film from that day had a couple of frames to finish and so catches up now. It was shot through a Holga 120CFN and the intention was to record the changing light through the day, using a standard composition, with the horizon splitting the frame in half. I had a grand idea that the results would look good in a grid, or side by side along a wall. As it turns out, leaks and some dodgy winding seems to have lessened the effect, but you get the idea…

(Best viewed in the ‘media file’ view I reckon)

As I’m prone to do, I’d shot one frame on this roll earlier in the year, on my trip to Poland, before taking it out of the camera (a different camera) and replacing it with a film more suitable for the occasion.polish-bus-1-of-1


Holga 120CFN, Kodak Portra 400, processed and scanned by FilmDev in their usual, incredibly quick fashion.

My previous posts on the 52Rolls Project blog are here.

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