Portugal with a TLR (part one).

As you’ll no doubt have read in my previous couple of posts (Our Man In Portugal and What’s In My Bag – Portugal Edition), we were lucky enough to get a few days away in Albufeira during October.
I took along my Yashica-Mat 124G and shot eight rolls of Kodak Ektar with some results that I’m pretty pleased with. At the risk of overdoing things, I’ve broken up some of my favourites into a couple of blog posts… Continue reading

More Canarian Ektar

As you may have read previously, I’m just back from the island of Tenerife where I shot 4 rolls of Ektar and 3 of Neopan to add to the project. I locked myself away in a darkened garage to process the Acros on the day we got back, only to find that I had no fixer left. More chemicals are on their way, and so in the meantime, you get the rest of the Ektar pictures.R3-02578-0000 Continue reading