More Canarian Ektar

As you may have read previously, I’m just back from the island of Tenerife where I shot 4 rolls of Ektar and 3 of Neopan to add to the project. I locked myself away in a darkened garage to process the Acros on the day we got back, only to find that I had no fixer left. More chemicals are on their way, and so in the meantime, you get the rest of the Ektar pictures.R3-02578-0000I often take car pictures, particularly of the cars I dreamt of owning when I was too young to drive. Tenerife is a great place to do so with all sorts of 1980s classics. My usual technique is to stand the camera on the opposite kerb and shoot across the tarmac. This becomes a little more tricky when the roads are as steep as they are there. Anyway, here’s a Fiat 127CL for starters…R3-02578-0001R3-02578-0002The road to Guia de Isora.R3-02578-0004R3-02578-0006We spent a happy couple of hours around the harbour in Playa San Juan and some of that time watching tuna fish being landed, packed in ice and then into a truck. The crew worked extremely hard as a huge amount of fish appeared from below the deck of the Pixape (I love that technology allows us to keep track of the boat from my desk at work).R3-02578-0008R3-02578-0010R3-02578-0011The streets of Garachico – a lovely place that was once the main town on the island. Then a volcano erupted, destroyed many of the town’s main buildings and filled the harbour with lava, rendering it unnavigable. R4-02579-0005R4-02579-0006R4-02579-0010R4-02579-0008There are lots of beautiful Mercedes on the island – I just can’t resist them!R4-02579-0004Fishing from the volcanic rocks.R4-02579-0001It’s been great returning to the UK to some decent weather and with Springtime in full swing – it’s my favourite time of year. I fired off the last frame of the roll in our back garden…


Yashica-Mat 124G with a busted meter so I guessed mostly (the sunny 16 rule is pretty reliable in Tenerife), Kodak Ektar 100, processed and scanned by FilmDev.

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