Good news, bad news

Good news – I started another roll on our trip to Newcastle at the start of the week, and finished it on a trip to Wakefield on Tuesday.

Bad news – It was Velvia slide film so I wouldn’t be able to process it myself.

Good news – I had been meaning to try after reading about them on Tim’s posts on 52Rolls, so here was an opportunity.

Bad news – I didn’t spot that they only process C41.

Good news – David called me and asked if I wanted the film cross-processing, so I agreed.

Bad news – I don’t really like the look of cross-processed film.

Good news – 24 hours after I dropped the film at our local post office, I got the link by email to download my pictures. An excellent service.

Bad news – I still don’t really like the look of cross-processed film!

Yashica CP Velvia (6 of 6)Yashica CP Velvia (5 of 6)Yashica CP Velvia (1 of 6)Yashica CP Velvia (1 of 1)Yashica CP Velvia (3 of 6)Yashica CP Velvia (4 of 6)

All shot on a Yashica-Mat 124G with Fuji Velvia 100. Cross-processed and scanned by FilmDev. The crazy variations in colour I guess are due to the variety of lighting conditions, from shooting straight into a low sun on the swing bridge in Newcastle, through sunny conditions outside the Hepworth Gallery in Wakefield, to the artificial lighting inside of the gallery. I’ll have a go at scanning them myself when I get the film back, just to see if I get different results.

Incidentally, I went to see the excellent Martin Parr show that included the picture shown above which continues to be one of my very favourite photographs. If you get the chance to go, it really is worth it.

And don’t worry, photography was permitted!

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