St. Aidan’s Church, New Parks, Leicester

22426872142_1df4d1af64_oIt’s been a while on this blog, but time for some more ecclesiastical modernism, this time in the form of Sir Basil Spence’s (yep, THAT Basil Spence) 1959 design in New Parks.
22414120926_14394488f9_oAs if being designed by such a famous architect were not enough, it also features one of Britain’s finest post-war ceramic murals, designed by Spence and created by William Gordon.22252420768_3dbbb0fd23_o It’s pretty special and more worthy of attention and preservation than some ropey old bones of a king. Instead, it sits ignored next the traffic mayhem on the inner ring-road…22414125416_9f56897327_oRead about the Twentieth Century Society’s mural preservation campaign here. And if you want more pictures of 20th century churches, you might enjoy this gallery over on my Flickr account.


  1. How many times have I driven by this building and never realised it was his work? As soon as I read it then I didn’t see how I could have failed to realise it. I’ve been “threatening” to head back over to Coventry for the last few weeks but things have been getting in the way. One weekend soon hopefully.

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