Another roll shot on our trip to Poland last month. This time it’s Kodak Portra 400, that I accidentally shot at 200, resulting in what looks to me like slightly more colour than usual.First up, a few snaps shot on a trip to Ostrzeszow. It had snowed briefly the week before we arrived but stayed cold enough for the snow to have hung around. In the UK, this much snow would be crippling, but in Poland, people swap to their winter tyres and walking boots and life carries on pretty much unchanged.

Port (1 of 1).jpgport-2-of-17port-3-of-17

I’m not quite sure what all of this means, so if anyone is terribly offended by it then let me know and I’ll censor it…port-4-of-17

Polish roads are lined with roadside memorials. This particular bend had at least six different crosses or shrines, most of which seem to be tended with fresh (plastic) flowers and lit candles. port-5-of-17port-7-of-17

The next group of pictures are from the Port Miejske that I introduced you to in my previous post. We visited late in the day and so the low sun and old, red bricks, rendered on underexposed Portra gave a look I like a lot.




For a better view of the pictures in this post, click one one of them below and then you can scroll through at full-page size…


Leica M6, 35mm Summicron-M ASPH, processed and scanned by FilmDev

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