Acros The Universe

Back to a favourite combination of the Yashica-Mat 124G and Fujifilm Neopan Acros. I shot this roll on a short walk around Cossington Meadows Nature Reserve just after we’d moved there in 2016. Seems a long time ago, now having moved on again.

Yash Neopan158Yash Neopan153Most of these pictures were shot at f/32 and with either a yellow or orange filter. It was late in the day and raining, so there were some lengthy exposures. All were taken with a tripod.Yash Neopan154Yash Neopan157

I processed and scanned within a couple of hours of getting home, just because I needed my weekly, 52Rolls fix…

Yash Neopan148Yash Neopan150


Yashica-Mat 124G, Fujifilm Neopan Acros 100, metered with an iPhone. Processed in Ilfotec HC for 6 minutes (at 18C) and scanned on an Epson v500. Photoshop got rid of the staggering amount of dust that the film had managed to accumulate.


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