More Texas Leica

One of the downsides to posting individual rolls to the 52 Rolls blog is that pictures will be posted up out of context. If you’re the type of photographer that gathers pictures  into collections over many years, the shots on a roll will often be quite eclectic and not make a lot of sense when shown together.

That’s my excuse for the smörgåsbord that follows anyhow…
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Sunrise, Sunset. 2016 on Film

I’ll be writing up my 52 Rolls summary in the next week or so, but suffice to say that shooting so much film through 2016 has been a complete game-changer. When I read about the project (on Emulsive) in Poland the week before last New Year, I couldn’t have imagined that it would have become so all consuming, changing the way I take pictures completely, and costing me a small fortune in cameras, film and processing.

But more on that to follow…

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00000 Million

img_8682-2For week 2 of the #FP4Party, I thought I’d use that roll of 120 that’s been hanging around in the fridge for a few years. I’m not sure why, but it appeared to have been put into a camera and then taken out again. That meant no packaging, or the little bit of tape that identifies the film. I only had the note that I’d scrawled on it so turned to Google and sure enough, found pictures of FP4 backing paper that looked the same as the roll I had.

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