Kick, Jump, Twist

After a busy Christmas and New Year, I had one free afternoon before returning to w*rk and its accompanying routine of stress, darkness and little time for making pictures.roll-2-7-of-11As the sun began to set (being January 2nd, it hadn’t really risen), I went for a walk along the River Soar that wanders its way between Leicester and Loughborough, along a wide valley. The A6 takes a more direct route through the same flood plain and so crosses the river at several points along the way.roll-2-1-of-11

The area is also littered with broken-down farm buildings, abandoned vehicles, forlorn looking horses and a pretty desperate looking caravan park – all the sorts of things that have either been flooded out in the past, or wouldn’t be too missed the next time it happens (maybe not the horses).roll-2-3-of-11

To allow nature to take its course and the flood waters to move around and disperse safely, the road is elevated, with concrete channels running beneath it.

Not sure what happened to the colours in this one.

Having only recently discovered the double-exposure function on the Canon EOS5, I experimented with a few, shooting the graffitied bridges overlaid with the texture of the concrete they are built from, all lit by the weak, winter sunlight. roll-2-11-of-11

Once again, Poundland Agfa film (thanks again Sandeep) did a great job and made me wonder why I often pay 5 or more times the price to buy film.


Canon EOS5 (the Plastic Fantastic), Canon 40mm STM, Agfa VistaPlus 200, processed and scanned by FilmDev.

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