Poundland Agfa

It seems to be only in Leicestershire, but around here, ‘Poundland Film‘ is a myth. Agfa VistaPlus 200 rarely seems to make it onto the shelves of the two shops near us, and when it does, it seems to sell fast. Each time I’m anywhere near, I’ll nip in, just in case.

Once, and only once, Poundland had some stock and I bought all 8 rolls. It is of course the cheapest film there is (although by the time it’s been processed, it is comparable to cheap black and white) but shouldn’t be discounted as the results can be pretty good.

I’m sure that I heard that it was Fujifilm C200 in a different box. I’m not sure if that’s true, but it certainly seems to perform in a similar way, especially when rendering reds. The look is undoubtedly analogue. It has the appearance that no amount of Hipstamatic magic can recreate.

I loaded a roll into my old Nikon F, fitted the delightful old 50mm Nikkor-S and headed out for an Autumnal walk with Emily…r1-03874-004a



Nikon F Photomic T, Nikkor-S 50mm 1.4, guessed metering, Agfa VistaPlus 200, processed and scanned by the magnificent FilmDev


  1. You want to get yourself down to South Wales for Poundland’s that have this in stock ALL the time. Here in Cardiff I’ve never had an issues getting hold of the stuff, they literally have hundreds of boxes of the stuff all the time for sale.

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