Roll 99!

More cold, dark winter weather here in the UK this week with freezing fog an added bonus. Out of necessity, most of my photography at this time of year is at night, but as long as I have some Neopan, I’m OK with that…night-alfaI’m looking after this beautiful Alfa for my dad. It makes a handsome model for more LED streetlight exploration.I did see a little daylight on Sunday with a trip back to the Nature Alive Reserve (and former coal yard) I visited for week 45‘s roll.But then it was back to the clag. Those sparkles on the fence on the left side of the frame, are ice particles reflecting the LEDs…


Yashica-Mat 124G (no meter), Fujifilm Neopan Acros 100, processed in Ilford Ilfotec HC for 6:00 at 18ºC

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