Mellow Gravy

This film started out in my Lomography Action Sampler sometime early last year. I’m not sure I’ve ever finished a film in that camera as usually, I don’t find enough opportunities to fill a roll. sup800-3-of-12If you’ve not come across one before, the Action Sampler is all plastic and uses a clockwork, plastic mechanism to sequentially shoot through four (plastic) lenses onto one 36×24 image. Winding the film on also winds up the mechanism. Press the shutter, it whirs a bit and will shoot 4 images in a second or so (in an anti-clockwise pattern from top-left).

It needs a fast film (or lots of light) and obviously works best with moving subjects. As with most Lomography cameras, it’s something to use occasionally as the novelty soon wears off. This roll was no exception and so it was rewound and switched across to the Leica on a January trip to Poland.

As usual, frame zero (or 11 in this case) was a snap of my feet.sup800-5-of-12As we drove back from the airport, and further into the countryside, a dense fog descended. I was dropped off and walked the last couple of miles to my mother-in-law’s, enjoying the atmospheric night. sup800-7-of-12sup800-6-of-12The last few snaps were taken the next day on a walk in the nearby countryside.sup800-12-of-12As usual, Fuji Superia 800 delivered pretty distinctive, and deliciously grainy, results…


Lomography Action Sampler/Leica M6, Fuji Superior 800, processed and scanned by FilmDev. The film was pretty old so I guess that explains the strange pink area in the centre of the frames.


  1. I love the foggy night shots? The Actionsampler shots are cool too, and informative since I bought one myself and have never used it. Now I know what to expect and may find some specific uses for it.

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