Travelogue Wrap-Up

This is a final post in the series documenting my travels in April. I hope that you’ve enjoyed them, or at least they’ve helped kill a little time before you can leave off work.

If you’ve been keeping up, you’ll have read that one week away became two quite different week long trips. The first with my family in Eastern Europe, and the second, a roadtrip-cum-pilgrimage with a mate to see a Scottish bridge.

The thing in common was that I recorded both trips using black and white film.

Part 1 – Cossington, UK – Wioska, PL – Bratislava, SK
Leaving the UK and flying out to Poland, an afternoon exploring Wroclaw and then a drive to Bratislava.

Leica FP4 1 030

Part 2 – Bratislava, SK – Orosháza, HU – Szeged, HU – Cossington, UK
Exploring Bratislava in Slovakia and Szeged in Hungary, while battling a sinus infection.

Leica HP5 2 062

Part 3 – Cossington – Newcastle
Back to the UK and the drive north to Newcastle, via Durham’s magnificent concrete.

Leica HP5 3 112

Part 4 – Newcastle to Perth
Newcastle, the Northumberland coast and on into Scotland.

Scotland GW107

Part 5 – Perth to Dundee
Exploring Polish heritage in Fife, and a serendipitous meeting with King Kenny.

Leica FP4 5 182

Part 6 – Unprecedented Concrete
Riding the A9 ever northwards, visiting concrete infrastructure and the the world’s best looking bridge.

Scotland GW114

Part 7 – Ullapool to Ullapool
Exploring the west coast, and a return to that irresistible structure.

Scotland GW123

Part 8 – Ullapool to Glasgow
Time to head south, but not without more of Sir Owen Williams’s work.

Leica FP4 7 234

Part 9 – Home
A jog around Glasgow taking in the architecture and mural work before the drive home.

Leica Bergger 8 266-1288

I write about trips like this to help my abysmal memory. In a couple of years, I’ll really struggle to remember details of where I went and what I saw. The photographs will eventually become my memories and so are extremely important to me, and hopefully interesting to you at the same time.

I chose to use only* black and white film as I wanted a consistent look to the resulting travelogue. I used mostly Ilford FP4+, but also some HP5+, Fuji Acros and my first roll of Bergger Pancro and I’m pleased with the results. They hang together pretty well as a set, or two halves of a set at least and should look good together if I ever get my finger out and make a book…

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