Machine Gun and the Whip

Just a couple of photos for you tonight, both of Gosia, my wife. She’s back home after our 3 months apart. The good news for you (there is lots for me) is that I’ll be taking pictures of her again rather than concrete and self-portraits. 
These two pictures were taken using very different equipment and processes. The first was taken with a 50D and an expensive 24-70 lens. I’ve recently discovered processing in Aperture, having previously exported everything, tweaked in Photoshop Elements, before bringing it back. I should learn to use what is a powerful tool properly, but in the meantime, I’ll borrow other people’s presets… 
This one was taken on Saturday using my 1966 Nikon F. It was shot on a roll of Neopan 400 that expired in 2007 and processed in our kitchen sink. I scanned it and gave only a slight sprinkling of split-toning, another effect I’m taking my first steps in. 
She's Back 
I know which picture I prefer, but what I enjoy most is the variety. 
The purists will tell you of course that the quality of the original image is the key thing and these filters and treatments are just distractions from a poorly composed or uninteresting picture. Or that they are a desperate dumbing-down or skill-compensator. 
Well, so be it. I’m still new enough at this to find it entertaining. I realise my limitations and will use whatever help I can get…

How Low Can A Punk Get

I’ve been to 27 countries in my time – it’s about to become 28.
But which will it be?

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Meet Ze Monsta…

A weekend of beautiful weather and I’ve managed to ride a grand total of NO miles.
I did get to spend time with my daughters Ella


and Martha


and my Niece Mae


We had a walk in the sunshine yesterday

pile on

While today I finished building the bike for our trip.

poland rig

I know the forks don’t match (it’s a prototype) and I hate that the front mudguard stays on the disc brake side are half the length of the other side.
I’m riding to Ely next weekend as a trial run for the first day of our ride to Poland. My bike, kit and legs are ready for it, but I have a feeling there’s something I’ve forgotten…