A couple of weeks ago, an old friend called in to drop off a box of old Russian rangefinders that had been languishing in his loft. As I already own a rangefinder or two, I decided to offer these cameras to the @EMULSIVEfilm community in exchange for ‘some film’. I put no limit on what was to be sent so long as the postage costs were covered.

After my post on Facebook, the cameras were snapped up in a few minutes. Next day, I posted them out to Canada, the US, the south of England and one was saved for my friend Iain.

Within a couple of days, the film started to arrive and I’m pleased to tell you that there are some very generous people in the community!

In amongst my new fridge load of film were a couple of rolls of Poundland Agfa that had stickers on them saying ‘lemon’. I’d read an article recently about soaking film in lemon juice before drying and shooting and asked the sender (Hello Jason) if he’d used a similar method. Sure enough he had (done something similar, although he’d used his own recipe) and so I looked forward to shooting in a bit of sunlight to chase out those crazy colour shifts. I loaded the film into my Sprocket Rocket and took it along as I shot the new street art in the city, created during the recent ‘Bring the Paint’ festival.

Here’s what happened…

Sprocket Lemon-8
Not a good sign
Sprocket Lemon-7
The Sound House
Sprocket Lemon-6
Bring the Paint
Sprocket Lemon-5
Morning Coffee
Sprocket Lemon-1
Not Emily’s beer
Sprocket Lemon-2


The colours were nicely daft, especially in the sunnier pictures. The level of ‘damage’ was also just about right. I like the results and will have a go at something similar at some point.


Lomography Sprocket Rocket, Agfa Vista 200 soaked in lemon juice, processed by AG Photolab and scanned at home.


    • Ahhh, the Belair.
      I pre-ordered one. I forget how much they cost, but they weren’t cheap. I remember unboxing it and being horrified by it. I shout one or maybe two rolls before selling it…


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