Travelogue Wrap-Up

This is a final post in the series documenting my travels in April. I hope that you’ve enjoyed them, or at least they’ve helped kill a little time before you can leave off work.

If you’ve been keeping up, you’ll have read that one week away became two quite different week long trips. The first with my family in Eastern Europe, and the second, a roadtrip-cum-pilgrimage with a mate to see a Scottish bridge.

The thing in common was that I recorded both trips using black and white film. Continue reading

Travelogue 6 – Unprecedented Concrete

Part six of my diary/travelogue/waytorememberitinyearstocome, recording a couple of weeks spent travelling around Europe, shooting mostly black and white film.
Previous instalments are here:
Part 1 – Cossington, UK – Wioska, PL – Bratislava, SK
Part 2 – Bratislava, SK – Orosháza, HU – Szeged, HU – Cossington, UK
Part 3 – Cossington – Newcastle
Part 4 – Newcastle to Perth
Part 5 – Perth to Dundee

Today was a day of unprecedented concrete. It was the main event. We finally got to see the bridge that we’d travelled for 1300km to get to and it didn’t disappoint… Continue reading

00000 Million

img_8682-2For week 2 of the #FP4Party, I thought I’d use that roll of 120 that’s been hanging around in the fridge for a few years. I’m not sure why, but it appeared to have been put into a camera and then taken out again. That meant no packaging, or the little bit of tape that identifies the film. I only had the note that I’d scrawled on it so turned to Google and sure enough, found pictures of FP4 backing paper that looked the same as the roll I had.

What I didn’t check was what other Ilford film have and know now that they’re all the same. I guess this saves a few quid during manufacture, but was a bit of a party pooper for me… Continue reading