More News From Nowhere

These photographs were taken in the underground car park that my GPS chose when I visited Barry Falk and Ben Jones’ show that was part of the Brighton Photography Fringe ’14. Once I’d parked up, I realised that I’d seen Barry’s pictures of the same place but couldn’t remember his exact take. I took these three and at least 2 of them are very similar to his. The fact that my compositions are so similar pleases me far more that it does him I’m sure.

Brighton 25

Brighton 28

Brighton 30

These pictures form part of my nascent ‘More news from nowhere’ set that combines my taste for concrete, shooting at night and the new (new) topographic work that I’m enjoying thoroughly at the moment. People like Jeff Brouws, Patrick Joust and Will Steacy combine these elements so well in the US (maybe not the concrete) and I’d love to somehow create a UK version of the same. The countries are fundamentally different of course, but the simultaneous feelings of nostalgia and danger in their work as well as their presentation of the mundane and everyday to us out of context, for us to consider at our leisure, are all thing that I aspire to.

“With a painting, you’re taking basic building blocks and making something that’s more complex than what you started with. It is a synthetic process. A photograph does the opposite: It takes the world, and puts an order on it, simplifies it.” – Stephen Shore

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