#FP4Party Photos Collected

Another month, another Emulsive Film Party and this time, it’s the return of the #FP4Party. Shootweek coincided with a couple of days of snow in the UK and as usual, things ground to a halt.

As the snow started falling heavily on Sunday morning, I headed out into the gloom of nearby Cossington Meadows with a couple of cameras loaded with Ilford’s FP4+. I took along my Lomography Sprocket Rocket and Yashica-MAT 124G, chosen because I was worried about damage that might be caused by the snowfall; they’re both towards the more ‘expendable‘ end of the spectrum.

The Sprocket Rocket is all plastic (including the lens) and shoots wide-angle (106° from memory) 35mm film. Each shot is twice the width of normal 35mm cameras and exposes the sprocket holes at the edge of the film. You can see what I mean below.

The Yashica is a medium-format, TLR. Its large, square negatives delivering a huge amount of detail. I’d already used a couple of frames earlier in the week shooting nighttime long exposures and getting used to its reciprocity characteristics. I’ve included a couple of them below in my pick of the two rolls that I shot.

Click on any picture below to enlarge and scroll through.

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