52 Rolls – Week 2: Delta 3200

Week 2: Canon EOS 5

Ilford Delta Professional 3200

Ilfotec HC – 14:30 minutes, kitchen sink, home scanned.

Kalisz, Olesnica and Sycow, Poland


Halfway through the first film I shot on our Polish trip, I realised that the Canon 40mm STM lens I was using wasn’t focusing properly. It was giving the AF confirmation, but wasn’t actually focussing. It’s always been a bit shonky, exhibiting the known fault in that it doesn’t move if pressure has been applied to the barrel. However, it now seems terminal. That’s excuse #1.

I was using the EOS5 – the plastic fantastic. It is the most ergonomically pleasing camera I own; almost like it was designed for my hands. But even with some nice Canon glass on the front, I’ve never quite been happy with the results. I need to get a close look at the negatives to see if they are really so soft or if it’s the scanner giving me the problems.

The Delta 3200 is so fuzzy that it hides this softness in its crazy grain. This is one of a few rolls of very out of date Delta I have in the fridge, so expect more sometime soon…

The pictures show our daughter Emily Edie, who made the most of her time in Poland on smooth laminate floors to nail her peculiar crawling style.

There’s also a picture of the Agfa I used for week one  and Wojtek, a photographer whose work I’d admired on Flickr and who I met while over there. He’s using a Travelwide 4×5 that seem quite popular around here. The other pictures are from the ridiculous concrete church in Kalisz – (many) more pictures of that will follow over on my Flickr stream…

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