Week 0 – Late Already

My first post over on 52 Rolls. Let’s see how it goes…

52 rolls

Hey folks, another beginner here.

I’m from Leicester in the UK and have followed a few people in the last couple of years as they’ve done some great work as part of 52rolls. I’ve shot analogue for many years and have gathered a collection of cameras from a pre-war Agfa through to a Canon EOS5, via a Texas Leica, Bronica, Polaroid portrait camera, a beautiful Nikon F and a pile of Lomo/toy cameras. I intend using any and all of these during the challenge and will mix it up as the mood takes me. I process black and white at home and even have an old Russian briefcase enlarger that might get a run out in the next 52 weeks.

To give an idea of the size of the challenge for me, I shot perhaps 10 rolls last year (although it was an unusually busy year with the birth of…

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