Pink Courtesy Phone.

I walked home from work tonight via Bradgate. I lugged my tripod and black glass with the hope of catching some post rainstorm cloud action. As usual, when in Bradgate, I was drawn to the same old tree. Its position overlooking the city is a great place to spend an hour faffing with long exposures… 
The wind was giving it quite a beating, made more dramatic by the 2 minute exposure. Nothing a 300 year old oak can’t handle though.
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That Tree Again
By the time I’d finished up on the hill, it was getting late and I headed home. As I passed through the field after Braggy, these fellas spotted me, or my red coat, and charged after me, eventually cornering me against the fence. A little intimidating at first, they turned out friendly enough, and just wanted to lick my tripod*…
  Ooh yer Cow!
*Not a euphemism!

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