Dead End Street.

Today, I went along to the Leicester People’s Photographic Gallery to join in their Twin Lens Reflex day. I took my old Lubitel along but kept it hidden from the Mamiya and Yashica users, a little embarrassed by my equipment.
I guessed the focus and exposure and I processed the film in the kitchen sink, but the camera produced some decent results for something that is made of plastic and black cheese and as usual, I made a resolution to use it more often.

Lubitel - Kase Serk?
Kase Serk?

Lubitel 3
Another of Town Hall Square’s residents. It must have been some Friday night!

Lubitel 2
He cuts keys too!

Lubitel 2
This guy was fighting a losing battle with the aftermath of a confetti cannon between weddings. He was happy to have a break for a minute and pose for a picture though.

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