Thin Black Sail – Holga in the Dark Peak

Usually, after a day in the hills or a trip somewhere interesting, I’ll come home and post some photos for those of you out there that might be remotely interested.
So today, with Gosia ill in bed, I set off to the Peak District with a plan to take photos. I had in mind a couple of places I wanted to photograph and would spend some time getting the pictures I wanted.
I packed the camera, lenses, tripod, cleaning kit etc.

And so folks, here are the photos:

Peaks Walk
Yup, I’m afraid you’re going to have to wait. Y’see when I took my camera out to take the first picture, I flicked the on/off switch and nothing happened. Queue the movie in my head when the camera zooms out from me, pans across the hillside, to the road, then further out, back along the motorway, back to our house. The camera zooms in now, until the point that you spot the camera battery sitting on the desk next to the charger in my kitchen…
Luckily, I’d taken my Holga and Смена символ along too and the day (in photographic terms) wouldn’t be wasted. Problem is you’ll have to wait for the pictures I took…

In the meantime, here are the Instagrams I took along the way – I’ve been trying to stop taking these things, but without the instant gratification of my digital camera, I fell back on the phone and this most addictive application.

Peaks Walk Peaks Walk Peaks Walk Peaks Walk
The Holga showed its… umm, ‘character’ again today. The double sided sticky tape that holds the lump of foam that helps keep the film tight by wedging the roll against the back of the camera body (I make it sound far more technically advanced than it really is) gave up. I was winding the camera on after taking a picture and saw the foam pass by the window in the back of the body.
This meant having to zip myself and the camera inside my jacket to take the back of the camera off, and fish out the foam without letting too much light in.
We’ll see how successful I was when I get the prints back…
Love love love the Peak District... ...and love it some more. Peaks Walk
It has been a while since I’ve been in the Peaks. I used to be there most weekends when I spent some time as a trainee National Park Ranger. The area I went to today I used to know like the back of my hand. It was great to be back. The heather was beautiful, in full flower. The weather was perfect too. As Andy points out, the area suits cloud rather than clear blue skies.
I hope that I’ve managed to capture some of the magic, but while we’re waiting to find out (as if!), you could check out Al Brydon’s most excellent Holga pictures of the Peak District.

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