Broni Rocket

Broni Rocket
Two new cameras to introduce you to.
This is a Sprocket Rocket from the Lomography Society International viewed through the viewfinder of a Zenza Bronica SQ-A.
The former is a panoramic camera that shoots an angle of 106 degrees onto (the equivalent of) two frames of 35mm film. As the name suggests, you can leave out the mask and expose the sprockets of the film too. It came from Amazon using some vouchers that I was given. It looks good (although extremely plasticy) and I’ve already shot a couple of the usual Cropston Reservoir sunset clichés.
The latter is a medium format SLR, the type used by pros to shoot weddings. The shutter opening is quite an occasion. A real sturdy cluck as the massive mirror leaps out of the way. 
This was given to me by a colleague at work who suggested that it could sit in my loft rather than his. Not a chance! Can’t wait to give it a go (once the battery arrives).

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