Ireland: Silvermines Ridge

Walking new trails today in the Silvermines mountains, County Tipperary. After the walk, I headed for the village of Silvermines for a look around…

On the Silvermines ridge looking towards the Irish midlands.
East Top from West Top
As far as I went along the ridge
Keeper Hill was a constant companion on this walk. Towards the end of the walk, he buried his head in the cloud…

Mining in the area started in 1289 and finished in 1992, and the area bares the scars. Well preserved is a Cornish engine house from 1860, and the most visible remains of the post-war infrastructure built to try to reclaim the zinc from the waste heaps generated over the centuries. As I explored the concrete and steel remains, and crunched through the collapsed asbestos roofs, I was sad to see the personal effects of someone living in one of the buildings.


    • Thanks for reading Khürt – it seems we’re always drawn to the things that are doifferent from our own ‘normal’. Here, all of the woodland has been removed over the centuries, so I’d love a walk in a real forest.

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