Viewfinder Vikings Episode 21 – Cathal McNaughton


If you click the picture above, you’ll be taken to Anchor and will hear my conversation with Pulitzer Prize winning photojournalist Cathal McNaughton.

I met Cathal a couple of weeks ago at a talk he was giving to a camera club in nearby Limerick. He shared his extremely powerful work shot in India, Myanmar and Bangladesh and told some of the incredible, and for the most part, harrowing tales of his photographic life.
He gave a terrific insight to a job that is far removed from practice of the hobbyist photographers he was speaking to. Many of us shoot for the mental health benefits that such a passtime can bring. For a photojournalist that has photographed people in the most appalling situations imaginable, I can only think that they might have an almost opposite relationship to making pictures.

I met him for a moment or two after his talk and when I mentioned the podcast, he suggested coming on for a chat. Fast-forward to last night, and I nervously called him on Skype and recorded the conversation you hear here. This was the first time that I’d interviewed someone on my own, and it showed. I’d jotted down a few questions and made others up as we went along. I also realised that my audio was recording way too loud and so had to talk very quietly, meaning that I couldn’t really show my enthusiasm for Cathal description of his career.

These factors contribute to me sounding tense and not really doing justice to having such a guest on our nascent show. Still, I can only learn from the experience and from the things that Cathal had to say.

Have a listen and let me know what you think…

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