Sunny 16 – Zine Nation


This week, I was a guest on the Sunny 16 Film Photography podcast. Sunny 16 is probably the biggest podcast devoted to analogue processes outside of the USA and the hosts Graeme and Ade (Rachel couldn’t make it) are polished and comfortable doing what they do. Graeme’s interviewing style is excellent as his line of questioning followed exactly the sequence of the notes that I’d written in preparation.

We were talking about the creation of their first collaborative zine, and I spent the show talking through the creative and practical choices that are available to produce these small books of photography work.

It was a fun experience, and I settled into it as the initial nerves eased off. I wondered how long it might be before I was as comfortable on the microphone as they sounded. We have a few interviews coming up on Viewfinder Vikings, and I need to learn from people more practiced than me how to get the best from a guest.

The guys very graciously allowed me to post their show as a ‘bonus’ episode of our Viewfinder Vikings podcast, and you can listen by clicking the picture below…

Screenshot 2020-01-17 at 22.42.00

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