Strange Grain

My FP4+ doesn’t usually look quite this grainy, but for some reason in the developing (or my eyesight), this roll looks more like HP5+. Still, I got a few keepers from what was a great, family weekend down in Dingle. M6 FP4 0174

M6 FP4 0222

M6 FP4 0218

M6 FP4 0169

M6 FP4 0168

M6 FP4 0200

M6 FP4 0196

M6 FP4 0182

M6 FP4 0184

M6 FP4 0189

M6 FP4 0209

M6 FP4 0177


Leica M6 and a Zeiss Sonnar 50 f/1.5, Ilford FP4+, processed in the kitchen using Ilford Ilfotec HC before being scanned on an Epson v800.


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