The Viewfinder Vikings Podcast – Episode 14

This weekend I made my debut as a co-host (or co-longboat captain) on the Viewfinder Vikings Podcast. I’d approached Svein about joining him a while back after recording my Sunny 16 One-Hour Challenge audio and enjoying the experience, and not completely hating the sound of my own voice.

I’d since been interviewed on both the Negative Positive Film Photography Podcast and the Viewfinder Vikings on the last episode. Apart from a couple of slight howlers, it felt like I’d done OK and had stuff to say that people might be interested in.

So, I’ll be joining Svein on his podcast and hoping to help him in his mission to offer a show about (mostly film) photography that talks less about gear and more about projects, motivation and the messages that we’re trying to communicate.

In our first show together, we talked about Svein’s successful attempts at processing slide film using only Rodinal and C-41 chemicals. This is potentially quite a breakthough for people who perhaps process their own colour negative film, but have to send out to labs for E-6, paying ever increasing prices.
We talk about my experiences on Reek Sunday and about the 2238 Project zine, and have a chat about naming pictures.
I don’t think we mention any camera brands during the show!


Either click the play button above or subscribe using your favourite podcast catcher HERE, and let us know what you think. What’s missing from your film photography podcast feed? What would you like to hear more of?

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