January’s @FP4Party – Part Two, 120

Part two of my pick of the pictures I took for January’s @FP4Party, and this time it’s the medium format rolls that I put through the new(ish to me) Mamiya C330f. (Part one was 35mm pictures from a couple of rolls shot through a Canon EOS5).

The first few are from a trip up to Doolin. We went for a family walk on New Year’s Day and as we walked around the pier, I spotted what looked like newly installed LED street lamps in the disused car park and best of all, at the end of the concrete pier.

A couple of emails followed to the ferry companies operating from the pier (and another unanswered one to the lifeguard station) to check the the lights were actually switched on in the evenings. When I heard that they were, I planned an early finish from work on one afternoon during shootweek, and took the hour’s drive back up.

I hung around on the jetty for a while, getting to know the crows and waiting for the sun to set…

mamiya c330 fp4 214

mamiya c330 fp4 224

mamiya c330 fp4 218

mamiya c330 fp4 219

mamiya c330 fp4 221

mamiya c330 fp4 222

Saturday morning of shootweek and I woke up to a photographer’s dream – thick fog, a day off and no need to be back home for a while.

mamiya c330 fp4 235

mamiya c330 fp4 238

mamiya c330 fp4 240

mamiya c330 fp4 241-2

mamiya c330 fp4 242

mamiya c330 fp4 243

mamiya c330 fp4 244

mamiya c330 fp4 245

mamiya c330 fp4 246

Sunday night and just hours of shoot week left. I fired off the last few frames on another walk to a local lake, including this shot that involved holding a graduated neutral density filter in front of a twin-lens reflex’s shooting lens.

mamiya c330 fp4 252

mamiya c330 fp4 212

Once again, Ilford’s FP4+ proved to be a predictable, reliable film that delivered excellent results. I feel a whole lot more relaxed about the demise of Neopan Acros now that I have a ready made replacement. While using it at night will mean more maths than using Acros (due to Neopan’s lack of reciprocity failure for anything upto a couple of minutes), the results here demonstrate that it is just as capable.

Mamiya C330f with 80mm blue-dot lens, Ilford FP4+ processed in Ilford Ilfotec HC at 1:31 for 8 minutes. Scanned at home on a Epson V800.

Click a picture below to see it full screen and to step through them.

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