Another Roll of FP4+

Taken a couple of weeks before the @FP4Party and so not eligible for inclusion there, these are my favourite frames from another ‘test’ roll shot on the new Mamiya C330f.

Since buying it on Facebook Marketplace, I’d stripped the camera down to give it a decent clean, including stripping the lenses to de-haze the elements (giving them a soak in Milton sterilising fluid to kill the mushroom growth). Since putting it back together, I’d only shot a roll of very expired Ultrafine and the roll in the terrible conditions in Connemara, making it hard to tell if everything was working as it should.
I wanted to give the camera a test in more benign conditions to see how it fared and so loaded a roll of what is rapidly becoming my favourite film, and headed for Kilkee…

mamiya fp4 098

mamiya fp4 101

mamiya fp4 105

mamiya fp4 106

mamiya fp4 107

All in all, I can’t complain. It’s still a camera that I’m struggling to warm to (my affection for the YashicaMat 124G means it has the odds stacked against it) but these results, and those from the previous outing in Connemara, are beginning to win me over.

Next up, some long exposures during FP4Party Shoot Week.


Mamiya C330f, Ilford FP4+ film, Ilord Ilfotec HC developer. All shot in beautiful Kilkee in West Clare, Ireland.

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