A Dublin Photowalk

000042950010A couple of months back, Em of Emulsive.org got in touch to tell me that Andre Domingues, everyone’s favourite co-captain of the Negative Positives Film Photography Podcast, was going to be visiting Ireland for a brief stop-over on his way home from Photokina.

Em knew that I was looking for film photography contacts in my new country and thought there might be chance for us to meet up. Dublin is a couple of hours away, I’d not listened to the podcast too often and didn’t really know Andre and as he was only around for a few hours while he made a flight connection, it all seemed like a bit of a faff to travel up.

But then I started listening to the podcast on a more regular basis and quickly grew to be a huge fan. As Anil described it recently, the show is a regular, hour-long window into the glittering, bourbon-infused delights of the Guttermancave, with Mike’s fantastically laid back delivery and Andre’s dry, but often hilarious expertise.
They’re a tremendous double act with an attitude to photography that seems to fit well with my own (something along the lines of ‘try stuff, have fun and do it for yourself, and if other people happen to like what you do then it’s a bonus’).

So anyway, I decided that I’d make the trip up and also try to arrange a photowalk around Andre’s visit and get a few other folks involved. It’d give me a chance to see a little of my new capital city as local streetart fan and all round helpful soul Emily Gallagher was good enough to create a map of the murals of Dublin, that would form the basis of a route for our walk.
As it turned out, only three of us made the photowalk, the photowalk actually turned into a craftbeer pubcrawl (don’t they all?), and Andre’s flight was delayed meaning that I only got to meet him briefly for breakfast the following day…

…but it was still a fun couple of days.

Even at 7am on a Monday morning, Andre was clearly on a massive high having just spent a week at Photokina, spreading the Cinestill gospel and meeting (and interviewing) the analogue community’s movers and shakers. His excitement and enthusiasm at the buoyant state of the film scene was infectious and it was obvious that he’d spent the whole week completely in his element, talking film 24/7.
We exchanged gifts, tucked away a couple of full-Irish breakfasts and geeked out at each others Leica. Thanks again Andre for coming to say hello.

The previous day, I’d been too busy enjoying the beer to think much about the pictures, but I did fire off a roll and a bit of Poundland Agfa (Vista 200) using my Leica M6 and the Lomography Minitar lens.


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