Quin Abbey

A couple of miles from our new place in Ireland is the village of Quin and its Franciscan abbey. You can read about its history elsewhere from someone who doesn’t just see it as a cool place to go and take pictures. L1003958-2

On my first visit, I took along my new Reality So Subtle 6×17 pinhole. It’s a camera that I’d pre-ordered when I first saw them online, mostly because of the wide format and ability to use filters. At Christmas I’d seen a copy of WALL by Josef Koudelka where he’d used the same format, although a very different camera, and I loved what he was able to do with it.


This first shot of Quin abbey’s cloister gives an idea of the angle of view from the camera. These two walkways are at 90 degrees to each other – this camera can see around corners! This exposure was about seven minutes long and one that I’m pretty happy with. It’s also an example of why there’s no film quite like Fujifilm Neopan Acros.

The next two were taken outside the abbey, using a 5-stop ND filter, each exposure a couple of minutes long.

So far, I’ve shot four rolls of film through the camera (16 pictures) and while it’s fun to use, I need to think of the best applications for it. The two pictures above suffer from trying to expose a dark figure against the brightness of the sky behind – a ‘tough ask’ for any camera, let alone a pinhole. I need to experiment more and learn that just because it has a filter ring, doesn’t mean that I have to use it!

The rest of the snaps from my visit were shot with the M Monochrom and Lomography Minitar lens.


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