During my trip to Poland in July, I finally visited the Trójmiasto or three cities on the Baltic coast. Gdynia, Sopot and Gdańsk have an interesting and varied history and I could have spent a lot longer exploring were it not for the baking heat. As it was, I had a couple of photowalks, concentrating on specific areas that I wanted to visit.

Among them was the Zaspa area of Gdańsk. Zaspa was built on what was once the city’s airport and between the districts of Młyniec and Rozstaje, the wide concrete runway is still visible and it disintegrates under parked cars.

Both halves of Zaspa consist of low-rise tower blocks built in the early 80s, almost 50 blocks in total. They were a uniform grey concrete until the 2000s when they were clad in styrofoam insulation and painted in pastel colours. More recently, international street artists have been invited to decorate the ends of the blocks with huge pieces.

I’d read about Zaspa’s murals and was keen to visit, but hadn’t expected there to be quite so many or for them to be of such high quality. I shot a couple of rolls of film (one Poundland Agfa, the other Fuji C200, although apparently they’re the same thing) as I wandered around the area in the scorching sun, thoroughly enjoying the over-sized open air gallery that is Zaspa.

Click on one of the pictures below and you should be able to flick through them – or scroll down for a slideshow.


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