Back to Newcastle


At the end of last month, Iain and I took a flying visit to Newcastle for a walking tour of the central motorway. It was great to have any kind of excuse to get back up to the wonderful city, but an added bonus to meet a group of like-minded people, who also knew some excellent craft beer venues.

We had a fun night, first with the ubanists and then with old friends of Iain and his partner, the fantastically talented PeachyRaith. Somehow, I still managed an early enough start to get out and take a few pictures before the long journey south. Here’s a few now…

I’ve shot similar before, but love this arrangement of spectacular bridges dwarfing people.
It was cold night to be out on the streets, but many people were
The Manors.
One of central Newcastle’s ‘gateways’. This on the former Great North Road
Symmetry University


The classic, but ever-mesmerising view down the Tyne
By the time this guy had stuck all his posters to the base of the Tyne bridge, it was time to take them all down again. I guess his morning’s work was important to him


The cold, clear light of north


It was another chance to try out the 7Artisans lens that I bought from Hamish at 35mmc, and as you can see, it continues to produce handsome results in real world applications.


  1. I lived there for many years but your cliched pictures don’t come close to the feel of being there. I detest this kind of stereotype. Make it black and white and bleak. This is just lazy and crap.

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  2. Fantastic series of photographs, the black and white works so well. I’m pleased to see that the “old” Newcastle I remember from the late 1970s/ early 1980s hasn’t entirely been replaced by posh wine bars and footballer’s wives.

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