Polish Pitches on Portra

My occasional series ‘The Football Pitches of Poland’ is back, news that I imagine you’ll be thrilled by.barnaby-nutt-2-of-3It seems that every housing block in small-town Poland has its own pitch. Many of them, like Britain’s pitches, are neglected by kids who don’t venture outside as often as days gone by.barnaby-nutt-1-of-3Others though, especially in the poorer areas, are still worn bare in the summer…barnaby-nutt-3-of-3

I’m sure you’ll want to see those lovely Portra colours in a bigger version, so just click on the pictures below… These were shot on a Leica M6, Kodak Portra and are offered for your enjoyment in the form of a dyptych, showing the opposite goals of each picth

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